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2015 was a crazy year for me, a lot happened and much of it is down to this blog and you as a wonderful reader/sharer of my content. I’ve grown immensely professionally, in my writing capabilities, ability to articulate things in an easy-to-read fashion so you readers can learn in the best way I can attempt to teach you. I’ve also spoken at a lot more conferences, meetups, and my blog and feedback has really helped me learn new things, dive more in-depth into technology and provide a lot more business value to companies I worked and work for.

Thank you

First of all, a huge thank you to anyone who’s a read my blog once or is a regular reader. Thank you for sharing my content and leaving such fantastic feedback in post comment sections.

Feedback through comments really inspires me to improve myself and provide even better content to help you learn, as well as getting a great buzz on teaching whoever you are in the world something new!

I get a tonne of comments a week throughout various different articles, and there’s a great buzz when I wake up and read a comment from someone across the globe thanking me for the article.

Statistics (Google Analytics)

Secondly, I’d like to share some interesting stats from the growth of my blog over the last year, compared with last year’s Google Analytics.

Visits: 977,674
Users: 673,164
Page Views: 1,674,190
Visits: 1,440,912
Users: 972,189
Page Views: 2,184,550
Visits: 463,238
Users: 299,025
Page Views: 510,360

299,025 additional readers is an absolutely crazy amount of people in my eyes, with an additional half a million extra page views. I started this blog initially as a place to keep track of useful code that I use from time to time. Needless to say it’s grown into a playground to teach myself new things, experiment, throw ideas around and teach others - and I love that.

Data, devices, locations

Let’s take a look at what my readers found most useful this year, where they came from and how they found what they were looking for:

Top 10 visited:
Rank URL Page Views
1 /[homepage] 198,328
2 /rethinking-angular-js-controllers 134,283
3 /all-about-angulars-emit-broadcast-on-publish-subscribing 128,555
4 /digging-into-angulars-controller-as-syntax 122,179
5 /everything-about-custom-filters-in-angular-js 105,429
6 /mastering-the-module-pattern 79,239
7 /using-html5-geolocation-to-show-current-location-with-google-maps-api 59,059
8 /ultimate-guide-to-learning-angular-js-in-one-day 57,417
9 /building-an-html5-responsive-menu-with-media-queries-javascript 56,030
10 /flawless-clickable-drop-down-navigation 55,388
Referral type
Rank Referral Page Views
1 Organic Search 893,032
2 Direct 251,516
3 Referral 183,715
4 Social 98,959
5 Email 12,858
6 Other 832
Top 10 locations:
Rank Country Page Views
1 United States 342,329
2 India 170,726
3 United Kingdom 82,299
4 Brazil 72,421
5 France 62,301
6 Germany 52,914
7 Canada 40,199
8 Russia 30,895
9 Poland 27,673
10 Australia 27,630
Top 10 browsers:
Rank Browser Page Views
1 Chrome 1,045,334
2 Firefox 254,555
3 Safari 77,979
4 Internet Explorer 34,647
5 Opera 10,199
6 Safari (in-app) 6,487
7 Edge 2,216
8 Android Browser 2,186
9 Opera Mini 1,338
10 YaBrowser 1,097
Top device type:
Rank Device Page Views
1 Desktop 1,358,459
2 Mobile 62,277
3 Tablet 20,176

I’m looking forward to 2016, have a great new year :)

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